Progress sharing for autonomous remote teams

See team progress in real time

Time tracking is pain, gaps and lagging behind. Employee monitoring is the end of company culture. There is a better way.

Let your team share their progress visually in seconds for a new level of transparency and productivity. Get in sync with Wherever and see your team moving forward in real time, no matter where you work from.

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Why Wherever?

Your story of progress
  • You are in control of what you share
  • No activity monitoring apps to install
  • Quick recall from your own perspective
1 picture > 1000 words
  • Picture your work in seconds instead of typing
  • No task hierarchies to maintain
  • Minutes to introduce and fun to use
Timeline to now
  • Just paste your snapshot when reminded
  • No more retro-fill nightmare and delayed insight
  • See what your team members are working on in real time
Team spirit
  • Highlight your proud moments and important steps
  • See where your joint effort takes the team
  • Foster self-governing culture through fair transparency

How it works

Keep 99.9% of your time

Spend no more than a few seconds sharing your progress clearly and spectacularly. Take a picture when reminded and paste it to your timeline when you like what you see. No more retrospective timesheet struggle, standup recall difficulties or employee monitoring worries. Express your progress and highlight important moments, all while keeping your privacy.

Your joint progress in real time

Get in sync with your team and feel the rhythm no matter where you are. See what your team members are working on in real time and where the joint effort takes you all. Your team will shine through fair transparency and more autonomy. Whether it is saving management time, concerns about effectiveness or planning a worldwide talent hunt, you can start today with Wherever.

About us

With decades of remote working and team building experience, we established The Wherever Company to realize a vision where trust and privacy are not sacrificed anymore for transparency and efficiency.

We believe there is a better way for productive remote teams besides retrospective time tracking and employee monitoring. This is progress sharing, where team members are in control of what they share in a playful visual way, while the relevant and timely nature of the content is fostered by the application through team level transparency.

We understand that leaders and members make great teams together and each feature of our solution is crafted with that in mind. Our goal is to help your team reach its full potential in the remote era, no matter where you work from. Whether you are in the middle of the remote transition or planning an international talent hunt, give your team a chance to shine!

We have spent the last decade in remote-first companies and built Wherever from scratch with remote trust, fairness, and productivity in mind.

Try it with your team in minutes!

Leave your time tracking and activity monitoring software behind and embrace the remote era with progress sharing. Get in sync with your team and feel the rhythm wherever you are!

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